Neighbor Shouting Match Prompts Our Search for a New Apartment

We both got home early from work one day and figured we would have a relaxing evening at home. We ordered some takeout food and picked a PPV movie to watch. We just got the food delivered and were settled on the couch when we heard the neighbors arguing about something. They do not get into the shouting matches were you want to call the police, but they do argue, slam a few doors and generally ruin our good mood. It happens a couple of times each month. We decided to look at southwest apartments for Las Vegas before we watched the movie.

I was eating some lo mein noodles when my wife started talking about things she wanted in our new place. She said we definitely needed two bathrooms and two bedrooms. I looked at her kind of funny, and she laughed and told me it was for when relatives visited. Right now we slept on an air mattress while our guests stayed in our bedroom, and we all would share the one bathroom in our apartment. We definitely needed an upgrade in luxurious amenities as well as an upgrade in the quality of our neighbors. Plus, a newer apartment building would have better soundproofing between units. I suggested granite countertops in the kitchen as a need, and my wife agreed. We also wanted nice new appliances included in the lease such as a big refrigerator with ice and water at the door and a washer and dryer. We both despised the laundry room at our current apartment complex.

In addition to our must-haves we were coming up with, we discovered that Spectrum also offered better parking and was much more convenient of a location to lessen our daily commute time back and forth to work. When we saw that the rent was affordable, we went and toured the place and signed a lease the same day. We really like our new apartment, and our new neighbors are friendly and do not have shouting matches.