The Essentials of Internet – 101

How to Setup a Wireless Router

Fast internet is now something we cannot do without. Businesses cannot also do without fast internet. This allows for you to go out and buy a new faster router. You will then need to set it up. You shall need some steps to follow in doing this.

You need to choose a convenient place on the house where all devices can be reached by its network Ensure that that location is not a Wi-Fi dead spot. If not, you need a cable to connect it to the gateway Ethernet port. You also have the option of the mesh-style router. In it, you can have a node at the gateway, then spread out other nodes in the house. This is how all areas shall have a network. You can visit the Router Login Netgear website for more info. Place the router on a flat surface as you are setting it up.

You need to work on a gateway. You might find your router has a WAN port ready for connecting to the gateway. Others pick them automatically, and assign each as WAN or LAN. You need to first disable the current router. Even if it is part of the modem, you need to. You will have eliminated competition between two routers. Having both make a meshwork scenario impossible. Look for the gateway’s IP address, log into it in a browser and go to the configuration page. Find the allocation mode tab and choose passthrough option. Those who cannot see this need to call their ISP. They most likely blocked your access. You need to then turn off the modem’s Wi-Fi access point. It will be pointless to leave it on. After this, you need to reboot the gateway.

You then join the gateway to the new router. As it is off, connect using an Ethernet cable on its LAN port to the router’s WAN port. Next, connect a PC to the router and the phone line to the modem. Start the gateway. This might take time for any response to be seen, so be patient. Then switch on the router and wait.

You should then change the admin password on the wireless router. There might be a smartphone app that shall make it easier for you. If not, use the browser-based option. You only need to key in the router’s IP address and go to it. You can use the supplied admin username and password. The password needs to be immediately changed. Store that password safely.

Let the firmware update run. It will most likely be dated. Normally, it checks for an update directly. Wait for it to finish then reboot it. You then need to set a new password for your Wi-Fi network. You can do this in the connectivity tab. You should rely on the WAP2 encryption, seeing as the WEP option is not adequate for this.