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Points That Will Help You as a Beginner

Take your time in working on your creativity before choosing to start a blog and ensure you focus on your private art projects. It is true that I run a free illustration blog, but I have not been doing so for some times. It is a little bit funny but what is a little bit interesting is that I have set a blank page that I have not used it for a while now, and I take it as a sign that it is time I start doing something on it.I had written a piece that showed the simplest things that we love for breakfast. Below are some of the steps I took from the beginning to the end.

One thing that I found it being interesting is that when it came to getting inspired, it was never a hard thing on my part.I usually love a lot of things about breakfast, and I had to ensure I bring creativity into the topic. Some of the things that I needed was paper cups and a box of raisins then, later on, I took the picture. I needed for the post to have different colors in it and as well some different drawing techniques. I have always loved interior design blogs my whole life.

one thing that I ensure that I did be to sketch the coffee cup. Creativity is really important, and that is why I instead decided on drawing a floating cup. For it to look like a celestial theme, I choose to draw a couple of stars and also the moon, and the results were excellent. It is usually important that when you are done drawing the sketch, you should highlight it with a black pen. It is important to keep in mind that you will make a couple of mistakes but ensure that you learn from it.I never attended a formal school that would teach me how to draw. I used to prefer watching cartoon and laying video games. If you thought I could draw a picture of you then you will be very disappointed because I cannot. After I finished tracing over the pencil, I left the drawing to dry. Instead of just staring at the photo until it drys up, that’s when I chose to do my next illustration.

As my first illustration dried up, I started drawing a box of cereal sitting on a tree stump. I got inspired by a blog that I viewed about wooden furniture. I choose to draw a garden because I had already drawn the moon and the stars. The best part of the procedure was when I started to color the drawings. For the cup I used a box of crayons and colored pencils. I had a clear vision and I tried to bring it to the drawing.