7 Keys To SELLING A House

A homeowner lists his house, for sale, on the market, because he decides he wants to sell it. While reasons, attitudes, needs, etc, often differ, as well as priorities, timeliness, etc, why would anyone do so, if selling the house, were not his objective? However, after over a decade as a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, in the State of New York, I have witnessed how often these individuals become their own worst enemies, either because of unrealistic attitudes or expectations, failure to listen to their professional real estate agent, or a number of other behaviors, etc. Therefore, let’s review some basic keys for SELLING a house.

1. Show; strengths; system; salesmanship: Homeowners must commit to making the house, as easy as possible, to view/ show! How can it be sold, if prospective buyers fail to view it? Hire an agent who actually shows the house, explaining its strengths and advantages, rather than merely bringing prospects, and opening the doors! Does your agent have a well – explained, quality system, which he has explained fully, so you are on the same page? How well – versed, in the art and science of salesmanship, is the agent you have hired?

2. Experience; expertise; empathy: There’s a big difference between a buyer, and a qualified buyer! However, the only way to learn that distinction, is to get to know the people! Learning their needs and what they want, and showing them how your house meets those needs, is the type of empathy, needed. Doing so, requires a combination of experience and expertise!

3. Listen; leadership: Agents must carefully listen to what their clients (homeowners), as well as their customers (potential buyers) are saying. Don’t merely hear, but listen intently, and focus on viable solutions! Every homeowner should seek an agent, who demonstrates quality leadership!

4. Love: Does the real estate professional merely go through the motions, or does he merely sell, or, indeed, does he love what he’s doing? When agents enjoy what they’re doing, focusing on needs and people, the sales come naturally, and far less painfully!

5. Investigate; invest; integrity: Quality agents start by investigating, and discovering all relevant factors and possibilities, in order to be prepared for any eventuality. He must be willing to invest his time, energies and marketing resources, to get the transaction done, in the best interests of his clients. Most importantly, one’s integrity must be absolute!

6. Needs; nuances; niche: Who might be the niche buyer for this particular property, and why? How will you attract these individuals, and will you utilize the most appropriate nuances? Will you proceed as a needs – oriented, solution – solver, or just focus on selling?

7. Greatness; grace: It takes a certain degree of self – discipline, and grace, to maintain one’s composure, focus, and positive attitude, despite certain obstacles and challenges. It might not always be that easy to do, but is a necessity of greatness!

Team up with your real estate agent, to take advantage of the rules of SELLING. When homeowner and agent, work together, every step along the way, the transaction process, invariably goes more smoothly!