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Everything You Need to Know About Obtaining a Real Estate License in Georgia.

It is a great time for Georgia now as far as financial growth is concerned. With just secluded areas including Senoia coming up and a great metro Atlanta having been completed, it is the best time to get your real estate license. For people who are worried that this is just a phase, know that this change is here to stay. Even better news, Amazon has expressed interest of building another headquarter in Georgia and the film industry is shooting in various places in the country which means the real estate industry in Peach state is about to go over the roof in terms of growth. If you have dreams of becoming a real estate agent, this is a great time for you to get your license. To clear a myth held by many people, you don’t have to study a degree in the field to obtain the license. The better news is that there is no rule that says that those who want to become real estate agents have to go to college.

You only need a diploma from your high school or GED and then you can apply for the license. There is no cause for worry if you do not have a GED yet because there is still a chance for you get one. Just identify a community center or even college close to where you live and take any GED course. You should not worry about application of intake because it is always a smooth ride and you will be done before you know it. After you have the certificate, the next thing is background test. The test is to select individuals who are going to be admitted to the real estate school. Even if you have a criminal record, this should not be used in determining whether you will become an agent or not. There is an application to be filled in getting a background clearance. There are laws to guide such a scenario and you will be better off if you know about this prior to filing in the application.

There is a mandatory 75-hour course to be taken before the licensing. The school you study at should be permitted by the Georgia Real Estate Commission to take students through the course. You can always find the list of the approved schools online. After the theory part of the course is done, you will also have to go through practicals. Remember that a six semester hours or 10 quarter hours of applicable real estate coursework is mandatory before you are licensed. Think of it as your internship in the field. After you have been in the field for one year, you will have to go back to school to take a class on the new laws governing the field.