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Reasons Why Kids Have Less Interaction With Nature Today

Days have changed and today most children have minimal or no interaction at all with the nature. This could be due to the changed lifestyle whereby kids are engaged indoors with activities that involve social media, movies and series watching, computer games, and other games and activities that keep them engaged, entertained indoors. The indoor activities, therefore, are seen as to be consuming the time that kids could have been outdoor playing and interacting with nature.

Due to the minimal interaction with nature, it’s common for a kid not to be able to differentiate between various common plants in their area and also even domestic animals. This is because they have probably seen them in books and on the internet but not in person hence the trouble differentiating them when they meet them personally. One of the top reasons that could have contributed great in the lack of interactions with nature is the fact that most kids have not been introduced well to the outside world. Minimal interaction with nature might have the effect or implication of the kids caring less about the environment and that might pose a threat to the environment. Another reason that could have contributed to the minimal interactions with nature could be the tight schedules that kids today have, whereby they have ‘constructive’ after school activities that leave then little or no time at all to interact with the environment. Insecurity levels that have been on the highs could also be a reason why kids have minimal interactions with the environment because it results in parents instructing kids that they can’t go outdoors unsupervised due to such cases as kidnapping of kids and even rape of girl child and since there is not always an adult free to supervise them, they end up not having much interactions. It’s due to lack of outdoor activities that help kids exercise and burn calories as they play that’s leading to certain health conditions such as obesity.

By being involved in outdoor activities, children can learn and benefit a lot such as improving on their creativity skills, problem solving skills, social skills, and also body flexibility among others. One of the most highlighted childhood moments is outdoor activities and therefore children today should not be denied that chance to create their memories too. By setting specific activities for kids to participate in, parents today are limiting children’s outdoor activities. Having the kids set free to involve in their chosen activities, they will be able to challenge themselves, learn from their activities, have fun in their adventures and much more.