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Selecting the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

One of the important milestones of life is getting engaged.The event requires careful planning and preparation.Choosing the perfect engagement ring will make the engagement as memorable as possible.Many considerations have to be made when selecting a diamond ring for your engagement.Here are the most important steps to take when shopping for an engagement ring for your fiance.

Do Your Research Well
Because engagement rings are expensive, you should not be willing to through away your money on some sub-standard product.This means that you have to research well on the various aspect of the diamond rings.Engagement rings are made from diverse materials, therefore knowing the pricing and quality of the diamond beforehand will make it easier for you when it comes to the actual purchase.

Consider Your Budget
Buying a ring that is beyond your financial capability is not advisable, even though you may genuinely want to make your partner happy.Consider the price of the engagement ring and check if it’s affordable against your source of income.The general rule of the thumb is that the ring you buy for engagement should not go beyond twice your monthly income.But in case you are well endowed financially, then you need not let price limit you in this case.
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Consider Her Taste and Preference
Because she is the one going to wear it, your fiance has to be able to love the engagement ring you present her.This means that you have to consider her preferences of color, shape and design when buying it.You can easily find this out by observing how she adorns herself with jewelry.Establish whether she does traditional or contemporary jewelry when she adorns herself.You may also need to evaluate her lifestyle.A low profile ring might be good for a woman with an active lifestyle involving sports and other physical activities while the fashionable woman needs a rather exclusive design of a ring.
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Check For the Right Design
The design of the diamond ring plays a big role in the choice of the engagement ring.This has to do with shape, color, clarity, cut and carat weight.The choice of the design you will finally settle on will depend on these characteristics, since they are numerous options based on these characteristics alone.

Diamond Certification
It is important to check to confirm that the diamond in your ring is certified.This will ensure that you avoid getting into trouble with the authorities in case the diamond has a questionable past.

Having these considerations in mind when purchasing an engagement ring will not only save time and money, but also bring you satisfaction when you behold the delight you bring your loved one from purchasing the perfect ring for them.

What Do You Know About Developers

How to Be a Google Play Developer The first question that many developers have in mind when creating an app is to whether they must be registered as developer with Apple or Apple developer account and Google Play Developer console or not before publishing their apps for Apple and Android devices. Well, the short and simple answer for this is yes but, you’re not required to have both only to publish on a single platform. Let’s say for example that you want to make an app for Apple devices, it should be available in iTunes App Store for users of iOS to download them. Apple developer program has intentionally set this requirement to provide protection to their users and also, to regulate the type of content available for their devices. This will cost developers around 99 dollars a year for the license which permits them to publish unlimited number of applications. On the other hand, if you wish to create an app for Android devices, there are many different ways to do it. Among the simplest methods is done through Google Play Store with a Google Developer App Account. The Google Play Developer Console allows the developers to publish and distribute applications easily straight from their accounts to users of any Android compatible devices.
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And just like in iTunes, this gives Google the power to protect users from contents that are harmful to the devices or inappropriate. The cost for Google Developer Account and publishing unlimited number of apps on Google Play Store is just 25 dollars.
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Now, if you are interested in this program, the first thing you have to do is of course, to register for a Google Play Developer account. To do that, you have to visit Google Play Console and then, enter basic info regarding your Google Play developer identity from name, email address, contact details and so forth. Read the Google Play Account Developer Distribution Agreement and Sign it for your region or country. Apart from that, it is important that the store listings and the applications that you are going to publish on Google Play ought to comply with US export law as well as Developer Program Policies. Once done, pay 25 dollars for the registration fee using Google payments and say that you do not have a Google payments account, you can set one up quickly during the process. If the registration for Google Developer account has been verified, you’re going to get a notification in the email address you’ve used during the registration. After verifying the registration, you may now log in to your account. By being a developer, it gives you the opportunity to use Developer Console features like cloud test lab, staged rollouts, alpha and beta tests, acquire users and more.